15 Cats Who Are Fluffier Than You Ever Thought Possible

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Life can be tough. That's why nature gave us cat fluff. These 15 cats are super fluffy and happy to be here to brighten up your day. Well, some of them are grumpy — but they are able to cheer you up nonetheless. All hail the fluffs!

1. 90% fluff, 10% confusion.

2. The expression on your face when you know your fluffiness cannot be beat.

3. Majestic is the first word that comes to mind!

4. In a world of uncertainty and chaos, always choose to be fluffy.

5. Maximum floof, achieved.

6. Two floofs are better than one!

7. Fluffier than grass. Now that's a real accomplishment!

8. Ready to give you a fluffy hug.

9. Proceed with caution: This fluff is grumpy.

10. Fluffy and unimpressed.

11. When life gives you this much fluff, you better embrace it.

12. This cat's fluff is the real MVP of cuddle sessions.

13. A truly perfect grayscale. And fluffiness.

14. The fluffiest, most purr-fectest tail you ever did see.

15. Sometimes you get surprised by your own floof!


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