18 Super Fluffy Cats To Brighten Your Day

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that when you see a particularly fluffy cat, you must stop and gaze at their fluffiness in wonder. It's also a truth universally acknowledged that fluffy cats have a way of brightening your day. Enjoy these 18 fluffy specimens that make the world a slightly better place with their existence.


1. So fluffy. And yet so grumpy.

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2. Being fluffy is a full-time job.

3. Extra fluffy just in time for winter.

4. The fluff is so real.

5. Life as a fluffy princess just isn't easy.

6. One good thing about being extra fluffy is that you're always cozy.

7. Live, laugh, fluff.

8. Showing off the fluff for all the world to see.

9. If you got the fluff, you gotta flaunt it.

10. Two fluffy cats are better than one!

11. Life is good when you're a fluffy cat enjoying some time in the sunshine.

12. The majesty of a fluffy cat cannot be overstated.

13. When you can't believe your own fluffiness.

14. Petting a cat this fluffy is guaranteed to relieve stress.

15. Have you ever seen a fluffier booty?

16. Rub the belly but don't mess up the curls, please.

17. Two fluffy cats in regal repose.

18. When you're so fluffy, even your paws are fluffy.


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