16 Dogs With Their Emotional Support Stuffies

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Dogs are often the ones providing emotional support, but what happens when the support needs support? These dogs and their plush pals are living proof that no matter how rough and tough you are on the outside, everyone needs a cuddly friend to share in life's ups and downs — and to occasionally use as a drool rag or nap companion.


1. A nap just isn't the same without your emotional support stuffed bear.

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2. Emotional support stuffies also make good pillows.

3. The bigger the emotional support stuffie, the better.

4. When your emotional support stuffie hitches a ride.

5. Nobody said an emotional support stuffie couldn't be a baguette.

6. Adventures are more fun with a stuffed dino friend.

7. Good night to all, but especially to my emotional support stuffie.

8. Sometimes your emotional support stuffies are also your bodyguards.

9. "The more the merrier" when it comes to emotional support stuffed chicks!

10. These emotional support stuffed strawberries are berry good.

11. This emotional support stuffie is truly a hoot!

12. Small emotional support stuffies are just as good as big ones.

13. Stuffed hippos make great headrests.

14. Never letting go of the emotional support stuffie. Ever.

15. When you're twinning with your emotional support stuffie.

16. The look you give when someone tries to take your emotional support stuffed turtle.

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