18 Dogs Sleeping Like Weirdos

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Everyone has a favorite sleeping position, and that includes dogs. Some dogs curl into a little ball to snooze, some dogs flop sideways, some stick their legs in the air... and then there are these pretzel pups.

18 Dogs Sleeping Like Weirdos

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1. Seriously? Who taught you how to sleep?

2. There’s no way that’s good for your spine.

3. If you wanted a blanket, you could have just asked.

4. It’s tough to get any privacy when you share a cardboard box with all your siblings, but this guy found a way!

5. “The cat makes it look so easy…”

6. To be fair, this is the best way to make sure you don’t miss breakfast.

7. Hopeless. You’re all hopeless.

8. Don’t let them catch you sleeping on the job!

9. Yeah, that looks super comfortable.

10. Okay, clearly the problem here is that this polar bear is way too big for the shower.

11. Getting into this position must have been difficult. Getting out of it will require a miracle.

12. Washing dishes is hard work, and must be followed by a nap immediately. Immediately!

13. Either that shoe is a really good pillow, or it smelled so bad that the pup passed out.

14. What… what are you... how did you even…?

15. This is what happens when you stay up too late howling at the moon.

16. Looks like no one is leaving the house today.

17. These weirdos fell asleep playing with a tennis ball. D’awww

18. Are there doggy chiropractors? ‘Cause this dog is going to need one.

Bonus: Dog in a hammock, aka the most relaxing seven seconds of your life.

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