23 Filthiest Dogs Who Need To Take A Bath

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If a dirty dog is a happy dog, then these must be some of the happiest dogs alive.


1.  "What is it? Do I have something on my face?"

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2. The ball is also going to need a bath.

3. Miraculously, this dog's tail seems to have come through unscathed!

4. It's probably just mud, but it's still gross af.

5. Who needs a fancy spa when you can get a mud bath for free?

6. This is the face of betrayal.

7. Before and after photo straight from a dog owner's nightmare.

8. "Ahh... I can still smell the adventure."

9. As the old saying goes...

10. Mistakes were made.

11. "Is this what the bath bomb is supposed to look like?"

12. Way to go, buddy!

13. Fair enough.

14. High five? No?

15. Mmm, so comfortable.

16. Points to anyone who can guess what color this dog used to be.

17. Worth it!

18. Who's a handsome fella? Is it you? Yes it is!

19. *sad Sarah Mclachlan music*

20. "Are you sure you don't want to join me in here?"

21. And that's how chocolate labs are made!

22. Yeah, this one's on you.

23. Could you say no to that face?