We Literally Have No Clue What's Happening In These Animal Photos

Because LOL + WTF, your guess is as good as ours.

1. "Look, they don't call me a chick magnet for nothing."

2. "Dude! Tag me in!! Tag me in BRO!!!"

3. "Jeez, she's taking this bucket list thing kind of literally, don't ya think?"

Husky kinda fits, husky kinda sits.
credit: MrsDobbins

4. Gossiping cat #1: "He took a job with the bank even though he was overqualified." Gossiping cat #2: "Why?" Gossiping cat #1: "Because he really kneaded the dough."

It's true: Cat pictures are the currency of the realm here on the Interwebs.
credit: MrCurramba

5. "I drink to forget."

Shiba Inu drinking alone at bar is all of us.
credit: LabMantis

6. "Honestly, I'm not really feeling the Track Bar on the new MacBook Pros ..."

Donkey at Apple Genius Bar
credit: Imgur

"... but I wouldn't say no if you wanted to make it our mane computer.

7. "A bet's a bet. Time to pay up, Dad."

Weiner dog graduates with honors
credit: Imgur

8. Needs cash for new socks.

Fox at British ATM
credit: meelar

9. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

That look is kinda stale and I'm not sure it suits you
credit: thelewis564

10. "Wait, my photobomb got who's seal of approval?"

Pug photobombed by seal
credit: LiesaMiller

11. "When I don't buy a ticket for the train, and the fare collector steps into the car."

Nervous dog on train wakes up after missing stop
credit: sherafn1

12. "Regrets? Yeah, I've had a mew ... "

And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids.
credit: Aronaf

13. "This is my beach body."

Dog in bikini
credit: haggismac