15 Times Dogs Forgot How To Dog

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Being a dog is hard, what with all the barking, sniffing, fetching, and wagging. Sometimes a dog just needs a break, you know?

1. This dog has decided to become a cat.

2. This doge found an easier way of life: potato!

3. This dog is now a hovercraft.

4. Just because you're a pug doesn't mean you can't also be a sheepdog.

"Day 42: I have infiltrated their ranks and gained their trust"


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

5. This dog became a rug. That's cool, dog. You do you.

6. This dog is trying really hard to be a textbook.

7. This dog is fulfilling his dream of becoming a telephone repairman.

8. With a little more practice, this dog might become the best hide and seek player in the world.

9. Dog, you're missing the view.

10. Congratulations, dog! You're a raccoon!

11. This dog has forgotten some pretty basic dog stuff. That's okay, buddy! You tried.

12. This dog appears to be a Pokémon.

13. If this dog wants to be a couch cushion, who are we to say no?

14. This dog is becoming a pancake. Very, very, veeeery slowwwly.

15. This dog is now a pretzel. Good job, dog!


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