Cat Calmly Jumps From Tree, Spoils Daring Rescue

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When you hear that there is a kitten stuck up in a tree, your immediate response might be, "oh, sure, I know that story." However, earlier this month, the quintessential "kitten up a tree" tale took a remarkable turn when would-be rescuers were made superfluous.

Cat named Dennis The Menace jumps from tree, NBD.

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Usually, the story goes: someone calls about a kitten stuck in a tree. Rescuers come. The fire department is called. A ladder is involved. A strong and capable firefighter climbs said ladder to rescue the kitten. Bystanders cheer.

Not so with this kitten.


Lonely Miaow Association Incorporated, a non-profit organization "dedicated to the rescue and care of stray and abandoned cats and kittens" in Auckland, New Zealand, received a call about a kitten in a tree in need of rescuing. The tree, of course, was an incredibly tall palm tree, so the Lonely Miaow reps knew they would need a little extra help—and a very long ladder—to rescue this rascally kitten.

According to their Facebook post, the scared kitten kept moving in the tree and the ladder wasn’t long enough. So, they called in reinforcements with an even bigger ladder on the back of a firetruck.

Now they had two ladders, one on each side of the 80 ft. tall palm tree, and two firefighters rustling the branches to dislodge the kitten. Before they could coax the kitten down, he “made a leap of faith and launched from the top” of the tree.

It turns out cats really do land on their feet, because no sooner had he hit the ground, than he took off running.


After avoiding capture by running under firetrucks, across the road and into a house, one of the Lonely Miaow rescuers managed to catch him with a fishing net.

He wasn't super happy about it.

Now the kitten, appropriately named Dennis the Menace, has been settled into a foster home where he spent the holidays eyeing the Christmas tree.

Read more about Dennis and the incredible story (or spend some time watching the kitten cam) on the Lonely Miaow Association Facebook page.