Mark Zuckerberg Gave His Dog A 3D Clone Of Himself, Presumably For Facebook Selfie Purposes

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The most friend-requested man on Facebook celebrated man's best friend's birthday in a most-awesome way.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg gave his already unique-looking dog, Beast, a totally unique birthday present. He had an artist at Oculus create a 3D model of Beast. Then he took that 3D rendition and had it printed into an actual mini-Beast.


Since Beast is a Puli (aka a Hungarian sheepdog), he has a really distinct fur coat. And the artist nailed it. Though a cheaper, more practical duplicate of Beast could have probably been made out of a household mop, that's simply not the tech guru's style.

Beast seems pretty neutral to his present and not all that interested in playing with it. Though it may seem like he wouldn't even be able to see it with all his trendy dreadlocks, Beast can see just fine. His lack of interest probably comes from the fact that he can't chew it. The best toys, after all, are meant to be chewed and destroyed.


Even Zuckerberg wasn't bothered by his dog's his lack of enthusiasm for the gift, saying, "Beast was pretty confused, but I love that we have the technology and culture where people just make things like this for fun."

Zuckerberg's Puli is one of the most-rare breeds of dogs (and the fact that it's white makes it even rare amongst the rare), so it's smart of him to try and recreate it. And it's really cool to see this state-of-the-art technology in action. Especially since it (like Beast and all dogs really) was created just for fun.