Get Ready To Laugh At These 19 Sweet & Silly Dogs

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All dogs are unique. Some dogs are "unique-er" than others.

1. "Moose Likes Car Rides."

2. "Jellybean does not like the cone of shame. He tolerates the flower of protection."

3. "Best day ever!"

4. "Caught Miss Myrtle yawning!!!"

5. "What? Why is everyone laughing?"

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Image Credit: lmaosmh via Reddit


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

6. "His favorite spot in the house, with the massive corner digging deep into his back."

7. "How are these the same dog...our Vinnie, not always the most photogenic..."

8. "Did I catch it?"

9. "Sometimes Babe Ruth just sorta...floats."

10. "I wish Phoenix would stop sitting like this."

11. "'Little Guy' is 18 years old. One tooth left. Still kicking."

12. "Archer trying to catch a blueberry."

13. "Me: 'let me take a nice photo of you on our walk.' Clara: 'psssfffht.'"

14. "Is he a dog? Is he a bat? You’ll never know."

15. "His snoring has gotten louder as his hearing goes (Murphy, 13)."

16. "Shiva mid-shake, graceful as heck."

17. "When plants attack."

18. "Meet Toffee. This is the first time she ever saw Horses."

19. "Our gorgeous boy is 14 today!"