11 Photos Of Naked Creatures That Will Change The Way You Look At Animals Forever

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Animals are the best and the cutest! Whether they're covered in fur or feathers, we totally love them and want to cuddle literally every single one.

But if you want to live in a world where your "cuddle everything" philosophy remains intact, look away now, because below are 11 totally naked animals that will change how you see the world forever.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

Brace yourself because mind-blowing screams lie ahead!

1. Have you ever wondered what an owl looks like naked? No? No you haven't? Well LOOK AWAY before it's too late.

2. Naked chickens = red and mildly horrifying.

3. Speaking of horrifying, this shaved opossum is literally the stuff of nightmares.

4. You know that old public speaking trick that suggests picturing the audience naked to calm your nerves? Spoiler: It doesn't work with bears. Naked bears are just MORE SCARY than regular bears.

5. This naked bunny isn't so much scary, as something that looks like a wise old muppet from a creepy Jim Henson movie circa 1985.

6. Hairless aardvarks legit look like aliens.

7. Naked hedgehogs are... let's just say less attractive than not naked hedgehogs.

8. This bald guinea pig seems really confident with his body, and we love and respect that.

9. We already knew squirrels were rodents, but without hair, they're really obviously rodents.

10. If you've ever wondered was a hairless raccoon looks like, the answer is: startled pig.

11.Polly wanna run for your life? Because that's how we're feeling looking at this bald/terrifying parrot.

Obviously, we know in our brains that bald animals are just as lovable and wonderful as their furry/feathered cousins and while these images are definitely a little jarring at first, our hearts still melt for these hairless and featherless guys pretty fast.

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