Breaking Mews: 13 Scandalous Headlines Ripped From A Newspaper For Cats

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Cats can make more than a hundred different vocal sounds, but somehow that still leaves a lot of room for miscommunication. If cats had their own newspaper, maybe reading the headlines would give us a little insight into their world.


1 String Theory Experiment Suspended After Tragic Accident Befalls Scientist

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2. Incriminating Cuddle Photos Leaked: Is It Treason?

3. Primitive Human Technology Streamlines Travel Between Food Room and Fortress

4. Household Survey Confirms: Cats Rule, Dogs Drool

5. Doppelganger Sighting May Indicate Existence of Mirror Universe

6. New Theme Park Ride Met With Little Enthusiasm

7. Humans Think They're So Goddamn Funny

8.  Fearless Feline Defends Against Attack By Levitating Automaton

9. Ongoing Battle Against Gravity Claims Juvenile Victim

10. Human Rejects Attempts at Negotiation; Hunger Strike Continues

11. Peaceful Afternoon Nap Interrupted By Unidentified Yellow Object

12.  Local Cat Finds Record Breaking 22 Hiding Spots In Studio Apartment

13.  Search For Elusive Red Dot Reaches New Heights