Adorable Cat Is A Terrible Influence on His Owner Who's Just Trying To Do Homework

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We've all heard the most cliched excuse in the book for missing your homework: "My dog ate it." It's such a cliche that it's just a joke at this point—has anyone ever actually tried to pass this one off IRL? But one student might have a very legitimate pet-related homework excuse: My kitten wouldn't let me do my homework.


Video of the Day

It might sound like a lame excuse, but there's video evidence to back it up. Instagram user @park_kkone posted a video of an adorable kitten named Benny who really, really, really doesn't want to let his human do his homework.


We would say "poor studious guy," but this actually looks like the best life—having a kitten who loves you so much that it wants attention and does adorable things to get it? Sign us up.

Benny's cuteness doesn't stop there. Thankfully for all of us, his owner has posted ample evidence of his epic adorableness.

Here he is, getting his cuddle on:

Looking adorably worried:

Pulling off a pounce that would make Mufasa proud:

Clinching the award for "Internet Kitten You Most Want to Pet":

Having dinner with all of his brothers and sisters:

And, of course, playfully tormenting his big brother, Louis, because "playfully tormenting" is clearly Benny's thing: