16 Cats (And 1 Dog) Sleeping in Banana Beds

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Doctors recommend reading this post twice to get your daily dose of ​paw-tassium​.

1. "Kitten was drawn to the banana bed almost immediately. Offering privacy and warmth, you might say it's pretty a-peel-ing πŸ˜‰πŸ˜›.

2. "No catto here, only banana and smâl nakey house monkey.🍌🐡"

3. "Rainy weather makes me want to sleep all the time in my banana bed😴🀭🍌"

4. "The new banana bed matches his eyes, don't you think?"

5. "The prophecy has come true, for I am....full....Bananya!"

6. "Wake me when it's time for second breakfast, k?"

7. "I tried to eat this banana today, but apparently it's not edible 😾."

8. Wait this is a post for cats in banana beds not cats on beds of bananas!?!

Judges: "We'll allow it."

9. "If I added a shoulder straps I could turn this banana bed into a banana bjorn πŸ€”"

10. "Like two peas in a banana pod"

11. "I, for one, am ready for the humans to return to the office. There's no privacy around here anymore!"

12. "Me: I need to stop splurging on my pets.

Also me:"

13. "Ariel ready to captain her banana boat across uncharted waters"

14. "What kind of key πŸ— opens a banana? A monKEY πŸ’πŸ™ˆ"

15. "That's not how it works, my dude"

16. "They take turns in the banana bed because they're good like that"

17. "Loaf + bed = the cutest recipe for banana bread"