13 Cat Photos That Are as Funny as They Are Cute

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Another week, another batch of kittehs winning over the internet.

1. "This guy greeted me when I came home."

I think I speak for all of us here at Cuteness [dot] com when I ask: How is this actually happening?


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

2. "This is the face Mau (officially MiauMiau) made when I told him he was adopted 🤣 🤣 🤣 "

The disbelief is real.

3. "Halp. How do you restore cats that have melted together?"

Cutest. Cuddle. Puddle. Ever.


4. "Hims a stealth expert hiding from the vet"

Gotta lock those ears into the aero position to activate full stealth mode, bud.


5. "Throwback to when my boy opal was a kitten and used to sleep in earplane mode 😂 pilot has fallen asleep mid flight"

6. "This little gremlin decided to knock over* our humidifier this morning at 5 am because he was trying to lick the mist coming out of it. And yes, we all got covered in water. He doesn’t regret anything. I also don’t think there’s a thought behind his eyes."

Allegedly*. Let the court show these baseless claims will be disproven.



7. "This is my emotional support wall"

Where did they find this photo of me?


8. "I don’t even know where to start with this 🤣"

9. Fitting ✔️ Sitting ✔️

Only a smol kit kit but already catting at a 12th-grade level.


10. "Is that comfortable?"

How I feel at the end of every work week, tbh.



11. "I bought a centerpiece at hobby lobby and was going to get oversized candles to fill it. Gouda has decided instead that it’s the perfect place to nap, every day since I brought it home."

12. "My pals. I've had them for three weeks. This is my first time having cats. I went to pick up the boy on the right and they asked me if I wanted to take his sister too. I couldn't split them up. They are the best. ❤️"

Bonded pairs FTW!

13. "This cat tree comes with thorns."

Raise the purriscope, I want to scan the surface for enemy squirrels.


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