27 Baby Animals You Didn't Realize You Were Obsessed With Until Now

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Do you love baby animals? I know — that's like asking, "Do you breathe air?" Of ​course​, you love baby animals, but there's a whole world out there beyond puppies and kittens. Check out 27 of our new favorites below!

1. Need baby hippo kisses NOW.

2. Hi, baby sloth! Here, take my heart.

3. "What do you mean I wasn't picked to go to Hogwarts?"

4. "The coffee — I think it's kicking in"


6. Is there room in your pea pod, baby hamster?

7. DAM, baby beaver.

8. Only for a baby otter would we do the wave.

9. Just some little foxes playing because YES.

10. "I saw a carrot. THIS BIG, no lie."

We believe anything you say with that face.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

11. There's literally no hiding this cuteness.

12. "Fear the fuzzy! Fear it!"

We feel a lot of feels, but fear is not one of them.

13. Officially obsessed with baby bats.

14. And alligators. OMG.

15. Not an alien from the planet cute.

16. What's a quoll? It's like a cute Pokemon that just came to life or something, and we gotta catch 'em all.

17. "Meet the baby numat, the only Australian animal that will not kill you"

Wrong: We just died of cuteness overload, RIP our hearts.



18. Checking off baby platypus from the bucket list.

19. So cute, it's almost evil.

20. When you get home from work and mentally cancel all your plans for the night.

21. It's. Eating. Out. Of. A. Syringe. Can. Not. Function.

22. What's a kinkajou? Just one of the cutest things we've ever seen.

23. Adorbs

24. We would bottle-feed you all day.

25. Baby falcons are as cute as grown-up falcons are fierce.

26. Baby elephants are as surprised as you are that they're SO CUTE.

27. The only thing more joyous than looking at this baby turtle is BEING this baby turtle.

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