14 Cute Kitties With Their Paws Sticking Straight Out

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If one straight paw is adorable, two straight paws are even better. Three straight paws? Jackpot. Four straight paws?? The adorable motherlode!

1. Totally normal, nothing weird going on here, nope.

2. Showing off those little heart beans.

3. Absolute lounge master.

4. "Family feetsie night"

5. Want to do laundry? Too bad.

6. "Optimal sunbathing position."

7. "Four straightened feetsies and a bonus tail curl"

8. You may approach the judge's bench.

9. "Phoebe just does this sometimes when she's laying on the floor."

10. This pose is called the turkey leg.

11. The traditional royal feline greeting includes a respectful kiss to the tootsies.

12. "I guess I don't understand how you could be working when I've got this amazing leggie."

13. "Some exquisitely straight feetsies + bonus spready toes from my new kitten."

14. "She went from loafing to being a breadstick"


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