Dog Effortlessly Jumping Over Kitchen Gate Is Living Her Best Life

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Proving that every obstacle is really just an opportunity in disguise, a very good doggo leapt over a latched kitchen gate this weekend at her owner's prompt.

The 4-second video of the bounding boxer was posted to Twitter Friday night and started to trend almost immediately: in a little less than 48 hours, it has been retweeted an astounding 93,000+ times (and "faved" by another 130,000+ users).

Reaction on the microblogging platform to this hurdling hound was a mix of shock and awe.


Some were hypnotized by the stunning display of Air Bud-level athleticism ...

... while others reached back to draw comparisons with childhood toys.

And if a small subset found the whole thing too much to even deal with...

... there were those expressing relief that their pups were incapable of such feats.

All in all, a welcome diversion from these polarizing times in which we live, no?

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