Stop Everything And Look At This Lovely Squirrel Cat

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If you're searching for something to "squee" at and your news feeds have you down, then look no further, because Bell — the kitten with over 60,000 Instagram followers — is just what you need. This pretty kitty will surely offset the sads — at least for a minute or two.


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Not only is she an amazing kitty model — just take a look at her photos — but she also happens to have a bushy, squirrel tail.

Well, it isn't literally a squirrel tail. Bell is a cat after all. However, it is awfully bushy.

If anything, her tail takes her cuteness level way past ten. She seems to know it, too!

This kitty has no qualms about the junk in her trunk.

And, like most cats, she appreciates a box of any size — this one seems to be just right.

With a tail so fluffy, she's bound to attract some attention.

But if that doesn't work, she'll stand up and meow for her supper.

Bell proves that it is nearly impossible to say no to a face that cute.

When all is said and done, it is exhausting to be so beautiful.

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