How to Add Peanut Oil to Dog Food

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Things You'll Need

  • Peanut oil

  • Dog food

  • Permanent marker (recommended)

Fresh peanut oil aids your dog's nutritious diet

Nutrition is one of the keys to good health for the family dog, and one of the ways some owners ensure that their pets eat properly is by adding nutrient-rich peanut oil to the dogs' daily meal, usually upon recommendation by a vet. Peanut oil is high in essential fats that aid in keeping the animal's coat shiny and promote skin and joint health.


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Step 1

Prepare your dog's daily meal as you normally would. Regardless if the food is dry kibble food or wet food from a can, the amount of oil key; dogs don't require the same amount of recommended daily oils as humans, so open a bottle of fresh peanut oil and pour out about half a cap-full.

Step 2

Pour the half-cap of oil over the food and use a spoon or fork to mix and mash the oil into the food in the dish. If you're using a liquid filled capsule, poke a small hole in the end of one capsule and squeeze the contents over the food and mix it in.

Step 3

Mark the bottle by writing the date you opened the bottle on the cap. Oil goes rancid quickly, so by dating it you can ensure that your pets will receive fresh oil in their daily meals. Discard large bottles, if not used within a couple of month; while rancid oil may not necessarily harm your pet much, it will taste bad, leading your dog to simply not eat.