How to Adjust a Dog Whistle

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Dog whistle

Dog whistles are often used for training dogs. Dogs do not respond to the same sound pitches in the same manner and as a result, you may need to adjust the pitch levels on your dog whistle. Most all whistles come equipped with a screw or knob that will allow you to make adjustments. With a few quick turns, you can find out which setting your dog is most responsive to.


Step 1

Locate the screw or knob that adjusts the whistle's frequency. The screw is usually located on the top or side of the dog whistle.

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Step 2

Turn the screw slightly and blow through the whistle. You want to perform the adjustment with your dog present as dogs react differently to different pitches.

Step 3

Stop turning the adjustment screw when your dog exhibits the strongest reaction to the sound coming from the whistle. This will be the optimum setting for training your pet.

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