How to Adjust Wahl Clipper Blades

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Wahl clipper blades need to be adjusted correctly each time you remove them to clean them and when you put new blades on your clippers. Blades that are misaligned result in an uneven haircut on your pooch, they can pull hair just as dull blades do and cut your dog's skin. If your clippers are making a rattling sound, the blades need to be cleaned and adjusted.


Blade Cleaning

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Your Wahl clipper blades need to be clean to check the adjustment. Turn the clippers off first, and then grasp the rear tab on the blade and pull it from the clipper.


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Brush off any visible hair on the exterior of the blades with a toothbrush. Insert a broom straw, zip tie or pipe cleaner between the two blade halves and push it through to the other side of the blades. This action cleans hair trapped between the two blade halves.

Blade Examination

Place the taper lever on the right side of your clippers in the close cut position by raising it up as far as it will go. The top teeth should be about 1/32 inch behind the bottom blade. The first tooth of the top blade on the left should cover, or be to the left of the bottom blade on the left side. The first tooth on the right top blade should touch the big tooth on the right on the bottom blade.


Blade Adjustments

If the alignment is not correct upon your blade examination, the blades need to be adjusted. It is possible that you need to adjust them each time you remove the blades to clean them or install a new blade. Place a few drops of blade oil on the blades and run the clippers for a few moments. Turn the clippers off and unplug the electric cord.


Loosen the two screws on the clipper top and move the top or bottom blade to achieve the correct position. Tighten the two screws clockwise, just until they are tight. Do not over tighten them or they will strip and not hold the blades in place.

Blade Tips

  • Use Wahl blade oil for best results in lubrication. The oil is lightweight and does not evaporate quickly to slow blades.
  • Oil clipper blades after each use for best results.
  • Clean blades during a groom by dipping the blade tips in blade wash and running the clipper a few seconds.
  • Blades that are caked with hair will misalign.



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