How to Administer Mineral Oil to Dogs

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Things You'll Need

  • Mineral oil

  • Dog food

  • measuring spoon


Some places say to give the mineral oil directly to the dog if he will not eat it with his food. Do not do this. If you give mineral oil directly into the dog's mouth, it can get into his respiratory system and cause pneumonia.


When picking food to add the mineral oil, select food he will eat quickly to make sure he gets the mineral oil into his system. If you select food the dog picks at, it will take longer for him to get the right amount of mineral oil into his system.

When your dog is feeling bad and is constipated, mineral oil can be an easy cure to its ailment.

Mineral oil is given to dogs to use as a mild laxative. As a general rule, mineral oil is safe and easy to administer to your dog. It is also effective in helping constipation. There are just a few simple rules to follow to give your dog mineral oil.

How Much Mineral Oil

Step 1

Try to get the right amount of mineral oil to the size of your dog.

For smaller dogs, under 25 pounds, give one teaspoon. For slightly larger dogs, 25 to 50 pounds, give a tablespoon. Larger dogs, 50 to 100 pounds, give 2 tablespoons.

Step 2

Get some of your dog's food and add the correct amount of mineral oil to the food and let the dog eat it.


Step 3

If he will not eat his regular food, you may need to get some raw meat or a similar piece of food that he will ingest and add the oil to the food.

Step 4

If the dog does not eat the food with mineral oil, you have to go to the other end to help him.

As a last resort, if the earlier methods fail, you can use a bulb syringe for large dogs or an eye dropper for smaller dogs. You can fill them with mineral oil and give them an enema. This should help with the constipation.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.