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Albino rabbits are easily some of the best rabbits for kids, as they are beautiful and cuddly. An albino bunny looks like a white rabbit, and their red eyes mean they are lacking pigmentation that would otherwise give their fur and eyes color. Their bright red eyes are a startling contrast to their pure white fur, but there's nothing inherently evil about albino rabbits.


Albino rabbits are beautifully odd but still cuddly.
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Albino rabbits are extremely sensitive to the sun, so you'll need to be considerate about their eyesight and make sure they don't get too much bright light. Albino rabbits don't have any unusual health concerns because of their albinism.


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White rabbits with red eyes

Albinism was originally a natural development in rabbits because of a genetic mutation that blocks the creation of an enzyme called tyrosinase. The enzyme tyrosinase is responsible for the creation of melanin pigments that create color.


Typically, rabbits have melanin pigments in their eyes that create their eye color. For instance, pheomelanin results in dark brown eyes. The distance between the melanin pigments in their eyes also plays a role. If the space between pigments is large, their eyes will be brown, while a small space between the particles will result in blue eyes. Albino rabbits have red eyes because the iris reflects light off their blood vessels instead of pigments.


Albino rabbit genetics

Albinism is caused by genes in the C locus section of their DNA that are responsible for creating specific characteristics. Albino rabbits can be bred, and their baby rabbits will also be albino because then the albino gene becomes dominant. The albino gene can also be recessive, so it's possible for two nonalbino rabbits to produce albino baby bunnies.


Albino bunny health

Albino bunny health is the same as any other bunny. Albino bunnies don't have any unusual health conditions because they are albino. Albinism doesn't affect a rabbit's internal organs or the immune system. However, albino rabbits experience light sensitivity and will need to be protected from excessive sunlight exposure. An albino rabbit's eyes can be damaged from the sun's UV rays since their eyes are very sensitive.


To protect your albino rabbit from the sun, monitor his time outside. When your albino bunny is outside, ensure that he has areas where he can seek shade, like under a tree, inside a cardboard box, or under an awning.

Albino bunny eyesight and behavior

Albino rabbits have eyesight that's unlike any other bunny since their eyes lack photo receptors, also known as rods, that send important messages to their brain. This lack of photo receptors means that albino rabbits bob, sway, and weave their heads as they try to process the sights around them. This behavior is known as scanning and is perfectly normal.


Big white rabbit breeds

Any rabbit breed can be albino, but some rabbit breeds have a greater chance of being albino. Not all big white rabbit breeds are albino, but some big white rabbit breeds can be albino, like the New Zealand white rabbit, white Flemish giant rabbit, Californian rabbit, Angora giant rabbit, lionhead rabbit, and Himalayan rabbit.



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