Alkaline Body Balance for Dogs

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Alkaline Body Balance for Dogs
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Getting your dog's body into alkalinity is as important as getting yours balanced. Cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment as it thrives on acid. Dogs suffer from the same mineral and vitamin deficiency as we do in our modern day diet. Switching your dog to alkaline water and putting him on a raw diet are the two majors ways a dog's body can be brought into alkaline balance.


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Cut Out the Old

Remove all conventional dog food methods from your dog's diet. Due to the process used to produce popular and accessible canned and dried dog food, most nutritional value that a dog needs is completely removed from the food that is currently being produced. Vitamins and minerals are injected into the food after it has been radiated. Cut out the old ways of doing thing, which are undoubtedly more convenient, and remove radiation and second-class vitamins and minerals from your dog's diet.

Switch to Alkaline Water

Change your dog's water at least once daily. Also, consider switching the type of water she drinks which could save her from years of pain and disease. Look into investing in a Kangen water system which takes tap water and changes the pH of the water to the level you select. Clean water rests at a PH of 7 while drinkable alkaline water can be as high as 9.5.


Raw Food

Give your dog only raw food including meat, grains and vegetables. Research healthy, balanced meals that you can prepare for your dog to keep his body in balance. Modern belief is that dogs should not have raw meat but the truth is dogs are carnivores. Research how animals have consumed other animals raw for thousands of years and the benefits for them of eating as nature intended.

Processed, store bought dog food is a modern invention that is causing disease and lower quality of life in the canine species. Place highly alkaline foods in his food: parsley, broccoli, celery, spinach and vegetable juices. Use a food processor to grind them down to a consumable consistency.


Consult a Holistic Vet

Find the holistic vet in your town or neighboring cities. Taking on all these measures for the improvement of your dog's body balance should not be done without the consultation of an holistic veterinarian. Ask the vet about any current diagnosed conditions your dog is sufferring from and how to fight it with organic, whole foods, vitamins and herbs.

Exercise Your Dog

Keep your dog's body balance optimal by taking her for at least 45 minutes of movement a day. Each dog's needs differ. Walks and runs can be broken up into two or three exercise periods during the day. The body will work out toxins through the skin as she moves, enhanced through the new diet she is now on.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.