How to Know When to Do Anal Gland Express in Dogs

By Cuteness Contributor

You can get the anal gland express as a part of grooming from your pet's groomer. Anal gland express is a necessary procedure that some dogs require (other dogs may never require such procedure in their lifetime). When it's not done, some dogs will develop serious infection that require more money to fix.

What's anal gland? Dogs have two small glands inside their anus that store a noxious smelling liquid. This liquid is doggie scent identifier. Whenever the dog pees or poops, it will release a small amount of this fluid. When two dogs meet, they will smell each dog's butt for greeting and getting to know the other dog. It's much like humans meeting each other for the first time, we shake hands.

What's anal gland express? Anal gland express refers to when groomer or veterinarian manually apply pressure to release excessive anal gland liquid. If you get it done at a groomer, it is cheaper than at the veterinarian's office. So, it is better to have the groomer do it regular than spending money to fix serious problems that dogs might develop with his anal sac.

Why does it need to be done? Many dogs never have problems with their anal gland. But the chances of developing an infection with anal glands are always there. When anal juice builds up excessively, bacteria will have a chance to grow thus leading to an infection. If the infection is not properly taken care of, it will lead to other problems.

What are the signs that anal gland express needs to be done?

  1. Your dog's stool is very soft and mushy.
  2. He keeps licking or biting his rectum area.
  3. He rubs his butt and drags it along the floor.

What are some of the contributing factors to anal gland infections. When you buy inexpensive, generic brand dog food, it tends to make the stool soft. When the stool is soft, it will not press hard enough on the anal gland. Thus, leading to excessive buildup.

It is important to have regular grooming done for your dog by a good groomer or yourself. Proper grooming can prevent health problems in the future.