How to Bathe a Pomeranian

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How to Bathe a Pomeranian
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Dogs love to run around after taking a bath. Pomeranians are no different.

Pomeranians are fluffy little bundles of joy. They are one of the loyalist lap dog breeds around. Weighing in at about 6 to 7 pounds, Pomeranians may come in a small package, but their needs are not small. They need love, attention, training, and grooming to stay mentally healthy and strong. Bathing is one of those necessary tasks an owner of a Pomeranian must perform. The long, fluffy hair of the Pomeranian creates some issues when it comes to bathing. This article will describe exactly how to bathe and wash your Pomeranian to make him as beautiful as he can be.


Step 1

Wait at least a couple of months before bathing your dog. Pomeranians have a minimal amount of oil on their coat and skin. You should never wash a Pomeranian more than once a month, but waiting 2 to 3 months is better. At the minimum, bath your dog every 6 months.

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Step 2

Run the dog brush through your Pomeranian's fur. Before you submerge her into water, you must get all the knots and tangles out of her fur. Don't forget behind the ears, under the tail, and on the legs. These places are known for knots.


Step 3

Fill a tub full enough so that only her legs will be submerged to her knees. Not only are Pomeranians not used to taking baths, they are also high strung animals. Never fill a bathtub higher than their knees or they will be scared and agitated.

Step 4

Dip her feet into the water and let her investigate. Your Pomeranian may stay as still as a stone, or she may begin walking around the water, lifting her feet high as she can. This investigation period is important for their mental wellbeing.


Step 5

Wet his fur and lather him up with dog shampoo. Massage your Pomeranian with the shampoo. You want your dog to enjoy this experience. Wash everywhere there is fur, accept for the face. You don't want to risk getting shampoo into his eyes. After he is lathered up, rinse the shampoo off and take him out of the water.


Step 6

Dry her off with the towel and comb her fur once again. Your pomeranian may shiver and shake after a bath, so it is wise to wrap her up in a towel for a few minutes before combing her fur. They are small dogs, so the least bit of chill makes them shiver and shake.


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