How to Bathe a Pug

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A sink works best for bathing a pug. This saves you from having to bend over and straining your back. Use a plastic glass or clean food container for rinsing out the shampoo and conditioner on the pug during the bathing process. Because pugs have sensitive skin, be sure to only use a mild shampoo and conditioner made specifically for dogs. If you can't find pet shampoo or conditioner, baby shampoo and baby conditioner work real well and won't irritate your pug's eyes. While bathing your pug, make sure to take the washcloth and carefully clean out the crevices and wrinkles on and around her face. Be sure to dry her face and wrinkles completely after each bath. Scrub her underbelly and back area real well with a clean washcloth in a slow, circular massaging motion to prevent slipping and injury during bathing time.

Pugs can be smelly and the should be bathed regularly.

Bathing your pug doesn't have to be a daunting task. Pugs are cute little dogs with a flat face, which means they are loaded with wrinkles and crevices that tend to trap food and bacteria. The pug is totally devoted and lovable, but because they have so many wrinkles they do have one minor drawback; they can become quite odorous. Pugs typically need to be bathed every five to seven days, if you really want to keep pugs odors under control. While most pugs enjoy being in the water, some do not. Setting up a space to bathe your pug with supplies on hand will make the entire experience go off without a hitch and leave both you and your pug happy in the end.


Step 1

Fill your bathtub up with warm water.

Fill the bathtub or sink with two inches of really warm water to prepare for the pug's bath.


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Step 2

Assist your pug into the bathtub or sink.

Place the pug into to the bathtub or sink and begin rinsing her fur coat to get it wet to prepare for the bath.


Step 3

Apply a medium sized amount of mild shampoo to her fur coat and work up a good lather with your hands.

Step 4

Take a washcloth and begin to softly scrub your pug from head to toe.


Step 5

Rinse thoroughly.

Rinse out all of the mild shampoo from the pug's coat with the shower head or rinsing cup.


Step 6

Apply a generous amount of mild conditioner to the pug's wet fur coat to add extra shine.

Step 7

Rinse thoroughly, leaving no soap residue behind.

Rinse the mild conditioner out from the pug's coat with the shower head or rinsing cup.


Step 8

Pat the pug dry until their coat is just slightly damp.

Towel dry your pug by patting her coat and attempt to get rid of as much excess water as possible.

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