The Best Behaved Dog Breeds

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Well-behaved dogs are developed through training and hard work.

Searching for a dog involves a lot of research and personal preferences; however, all owners can agree that they want a dog that is well-behaved. Unfortunately, no dog is born with this trait, but they can be trained to behave. Some breeds, due to their characteristics, are inherently easier to train and can become well-behaved members of your family, quite quickly.


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Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers love life.

Golden retrievers are large, soft-coated dogs that have a an intense joy for life. Retrievers are extremely sweet-natured, fun dogs to be around. They are intelligent, which makes them highly trainable. As they get older and receive proper training, golden retrievers learn to be calm, stable and well-mannered members of the family. Golden retriever can live up to 14 years.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are low maintenance.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a small, calm dog, known for its place as a lapdog. Weighing up to 25 pounds, these dogs are highly intelligent, social animals, yet they require little exercise. This breed is perfect for the elderly or a single, working person, as they are very low maintenance. They are commonly referred to as "cuddle bugs".


Bernese Mountain Dog

A Bernese mountain dog will be a life-long, loyal companion.

Bernese mountain dogs are gentle giants. These massive black, tan, and white dogs have thick, long fur and exude a gentle calmness. They are laid back, sweet breed and excel at therapy or service dog work. Extremely intelligent, they welcome and training and feeling a sense of purpose. As puppies, they can be exuberant, but quickly settle down with age.


American Pit Bull Terriers

American pit bull terriers make suprisingly well-behaved dogs, if properly socialized.

American pit bull terriers (APBT) are often described as having a "heart of gold". However, due to breed restrictions and media fears, many people steer clear of owning an APBT. Those brave owners who do, however, often comment that APBTs are the best dogs they have ever owned. The APBT is an extremely caring dog with a strong love of family. They are immensely social animals. Because of their energy level, they need a great deal of exercise, or behavioral problems may emerge. Once trained, they are obedient, driven dogs, and make great companions.



The Newfoundland is a gentle giant.

Another gentle giant, the Newfoundland, is known for its laid-back approach to life. Topping nearly 150 pounds, this breed often weighs more than its than owner. As long as obedience training begins early, this highly-trainable and loving dog, will be exceptionally obedient and well-mannered.