How Big Do Maltese Yorkies Get?

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The Yorkshire terrier stands an inch or two shorter than the Maltese.
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Put together a Maltese and a Yorkshire terrier and the result is one cute little dog, often referred to as a morkie. Both of these little dogs are in the American Kennel Club's toy group, each weighing between 4 and 7 pounds, meaning the morkie will weigh in the same range. The Yorkshire terrier stands between 8 and 9 inches at the shoulder, compared to the Maltese, who may reach 10 inches.


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Many Similarities

There's one thing you can count on with a morkie: daily grooming to maintain his beautiful coat. Both the Maltese and the Yorkshire terrier have high-maintenance coats, something their offspring will have. Whether an individual morkie inherits other traits common to both breeds is a guess, since every dog is unique. Chances are, you'll have an engaging pup, as both breeds are affectionate companion dogs who respond well to training because they thrive on the human interaction it brings. Each has a relatively long life expectancy, usually a minimum of 12 years. They share some similar health vulnerabilities, including collapsing tracheas, luxating patellas and dental disease, due to their small mouths. Both dogs are vulnerable to portosystemic shunt, a liver defect, while the Maltese may suffer from "shaker dog syndrome."