How to Birth a Puppy When the Sac has Broken

By Cuteness Team

When a puppy is born, they are usually born safe inside of a sac. The sac protects them and allows them to have the nutrients that they need before they are born. After they are born, the mother dog breaks open the sac, at which time they breathe in air. If the sac breaks before the puppy is born, it is up to you to make sure that the puppy survives.

Step 1

Make sure that the sac really has broken. You will be able to tell this if you cannot see the sac but can only see the puppy's fur. You should not be able to see the puppy's fur during a normal birth. If you can see fur, proceed to the next step.

Step 2

Pull on the sac. If you still see the sac, try to pull on it to see if it is broken or not. If the sac comes out without the puppy you will start to see the fur of the puppy and know for sure that the puppy is in trouble.

Step 3

Speak calmly to the mama dog and make sure that she knows you are going to help her. You might need to have someone holding her head or comforting her as you are working on her.

Step 4

Grip the puppy with a dry washcloth. Get a firm grip but be extremely gentle.

Step 5

Pull: When the mother dog has her next contraction, gently pull down on the puppy.

Step 6

Ease the puppy out of the mother dog as gently as you can. Don't let the puppy stay inside the mother any longer because he will suffocate if the sac has broken.

Step 7

Clean the puppy: As soon as the puppy is out of the mother, get his face clean. Do this with the washcloth or with the bulb cleanser. If the mother cleans his face, let her do so. If she does not, make sure that it gets done. You should hear the puppy take his first breath.

If The Puppy Does Not Breathe On His Own

Step 8

Clean out his mouth with the washcloth or the bulb cleanser if the puppy does not breathe on his own,

Step 9

Hold the puppy: If the puppy is still not breathing, he might have fluid in his throat. Hold the puppy firmly in your hands, with his head in your finger tips.

Step 10

Hold him tightly and swing him towards the ground, so that gravity will clear his mouth and throat.

Step 11

Give him to his mother to clean as soon as the pup starts breathing.

Step 12

Encourage him to eat as soon as she is done cleaning him and any other puppies are born.