How to Build a Homemade Automatic Waterer for Rabbits

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Things You'll Need

  • 2-liter plastic bottle (empty)

  • Box cutter

  • Hammer and nail

  • Flat-bottomed water dish

  • Water

Make sure your rabbit never goes thirsty by creating a homemade automatic watering dish.

Rabbits, like all pets, need access to fresh, clean water. Frequently refilling a pet's water bowl, however, can become a chore and if you do not remember to do it your rabbit could go without water. Avoid the hassle of refilling your rabbit's water bowl and prevent him from ever going thirsty by making your own automatic watering dish. This simple design is easy to make and maintain and it will refill your rabbit's water bowl as it drinks.

Step 1

Rinse out a 2-liter plastic bottle. If necessary, use mild soap to remove any residue inside the bottle, then rinse it out thoroughly to wash away the soap.

Step 2

Cut out a 1-by-1-inch-square hole in the side of the bottle near the bottom using box cutters or a razor blade. If the bottle you are using has feet, place the square just above the feet. The square hole should be no more than two inches from the bottom of the bottle.


Step 3

Punch a hole through the lid of the bottle by driving a nail through it with a hammer, then remove the nail. The hole in the lid will allow air to enter the bottle, which will help push the fresh water into your rabbit's bow.

Step 4

Place the bottle upright in the bottom of a flat-bottomed water dish. The best type of dish to use is a square or rectangular dish large enough to accommodate the bottle and leave open space for the water to pool.

Step 5

Remove the cap from the bottle and fill it with fresh water. Replace the cap. As your rabbit drinks from the bowl, the water in the bottle will flow through the square hole and refill the bowl. Check the level of water in the bottle frequently and refill it as needed.