How to Build a PVC Dog Kennel

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Things You'll Need

  • 13, 10-foot long PVC pipes, 1/2-inch-diameter

  • Measuring tape

  • Felt-tip pen

  • Hacksaw

  • 40 four-way PVC connectors

  • 8 PVC end caps

  • 24, 90-degree-elbow PVC connectors

  • 8 three-way PVC connectors


Half-inch-diameter PVC works well for small puppies, but ¾-inch pipe works better for larger puppies and small adult dogs. If you opt to use ¾-inch pipe, be sure to purchase ¾-inch connectors.

Use a kennel to keep your dog from playing with dangerous items.
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It is important to keep dogs -- especially young puppies -- supervised or safely contained so they do not injure themselves or destroy your home. While outdoor accommodations require more security, you can build a simple PVC kennel, suitable for confining dogs while they are indoors. Building your own kennel will allow you to save money and customize the kennel to suit the space available.

Step 1

Measure a dozen 4-foot long sections and a dozen 6-foot long sections of PVC using the tape measure. Mark the lengths on each pipe with the pen. Cut each pipe with the hacksaw to produce 24 individual pipe segments.

Step 2

Identify two 4-foot long sections and two 6-foot long sections as the top railing. Place a three-way coupler on each end of these four pipes. The remaining pipes will form the middle and bottom rows, so attach a four-way connector to both ends of each pipe.

Step 3

Measure and mark 48 segments of PVC pipe 1 7/8-inch long with the tape measure and pen. Cut along each marked line with the hacksaw.

Step 4

Insert a 1 7/8-inch-long segment in all three open slots on each end of two different 4-foot pipes. Do the same thing for two 6-foot pipes. Lay each of these pipes on the ground so they create a rectangle. Designate one side of each pipe as the top and the opposite side as the bottom. Place an end cap over the 1 7/8-inch segments on the bottom of each pipe. These capped segments will serve as the feet for the kennel.

Step 5

Connect the long sides to the short sides by attaching a 90-degree elbow to the 1 7/8-inch segment extending from the end of each short pipe. Insert the 1 7/8-inch segment on the long pipes into the open end of the 90-degree elbows. You should now have a completed rectangle, with two capped feet on each side. Additionally, each side should have two 1 7/8-inch-long segments sticking straight up.

Step 6

Repeat this process four more times, but do not insert 1 7/8-inch segments into the bottom side of each segment, as the row below it already will have one. Finally, create the sixth and final row, but use three-way connectors in place of four-way connectors.