How to Build a Rodent Maze

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Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape

  • Heavy duty cardboard

  • Duct tape

  • Glue gun

  • Glue sticks

  • Box cutter

  • Pencil

  • Ruler


Keep box cutter and hot glue gun away from children.

Do not leave rodents unattended in an open maze.


Rodents aren't tidy. For repeated use, consider adding vinyl floor tile squares to the floor of your maze for easy cleanup.

Rats have been proficient maze dwellers for centuries.
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A rodent's ancestral desire to burrow deep into tunnels in the ground may be the underlying reason they are so proficient at memorizing their way through a variety of mazes. Rodents such as mice and rats may seem content at times to sit quietly and groom themselves, but they also need entertainment and exercise. A do-it-yourself maze can meet both of these needs, and they're surprisingly easy to put together.


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Step 1

Measure the area in which you'll place your maze to determine how large you can make it.

Step 2

Lay out your cardboard. Check with your local home improvement store. They may have large pieces of cardboard you can have.

Step 3

Measure a large rectangle for the floor of your maze according to the measurements you took in step 1. Add 6 inches around every edge and mark this measurement with your pencil. You'll fold these edges upward to make your outer walls. For best results, begin measuring from one corner to make the best use of your cardboard.


Step 4

Cut out your cardboard using the box cutter according to the measurements you took in step 3.

Step 5

Using the box cutter, score the cardboard floor piece along the pencil lines you made in step 3. Scoring means you pierce the outer layer of the cardboard to make it easier to fold, without cutting all the way through.

Step 6

Fold your cardboard edges upward and close the corners using duct tape.

Step 7

Draw out your maze using your pencil. Create multiple turns and dead ends to challenge your rodents.


Step 8

Measure your cardboard pieces according to the maze design you created in step 7. Your walls should be 6 inches tall to equal the height of your outer walls.

Step 9

Cut out your cardboard maze pieces using your box cutter.

Step 10

Attach the cardboard pieces to the pencil-drawn maze design using the glue gun and glue sticks. Do not use more glue than you need. Your rodents may want to chew on the glue's strings, so make sure you remove any loose glue.