How to Buy Revolution for Dogs With No Prescription

Revolution is a topically applied, FDA-approved medication for dogs to protect them from various parasites, including fleas, ticks, mites and heartworm. It is given once a month and is usually applied between the shoulder blades of the dog so that he cannot lick it off. It enters the animal's bloodstream and will provide protection for 30 to 45 days. This medication usually requires a prescription, but can be purchased online without one.


Step 1

Weigh your dog. Revolution comes in packages designed for dogs of different weight classes. These are from 5 to 10 kg, 10 to 20 kg, 20 to 40 kg and 40 to 60 kg.

Step 2

Go to This is a Canadian-based company that allows you to purchase Revolution online without a prescription. Click on "Products for Dogs" and type in "Revolution" in the "Drug Search" box. Click on "go" and all of the different types of the drug available will appear. You can also call the company at these numbers:

1-800-958-1252--Canada or United States 1-204-258-7015--International Callers

Step 3

Go to This is another website, but it is located in Australia. To find Revolution just go to "Pet Medication" and "Flea And Tick Control." The product ranges in price from $32.95 for the 5 to 10 kg three-pack packages to $76.96 for the 20 to 40 kg six-pack packages.