How to Call a Pigeon

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You might need to practice for a while before you're able to make a pigeon call. Make sure your hands are sealed tightly together.

Call on pigeons.

A form of communication among birds, particularly pigeons, is calling. Calling happens when pigeons produce high-pitched sounds in order to communicate with each other. Pigeons call each other for reasons such a courtship, revealing their location or to share a food source. Humans can also call pigeons, to hunt or feed them.

Step 1

Wet your hands.

Step 2

Cup your hands like the shape of the letter "C." Put one hand into your other hand, palms facing inward. Your two hands together should now form an "O" shape.


Step 3

Press your thumbs together.

Step 4

Bend your thumbs over your index fingers. A small hole will form between your thumbs.

Step 5

Place your top lip above the knuckles of your thumb and place your bottom lip below your knuckles.

Step 6

Blow gently down to the hole between your thumbs. Repeat steps one to five.