How to Care for an Albino Frog

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Albino frogs are a pink or whitish color. This is caused by a recessive gene and means that they lack pigmentation. African clawed frogs are the most commonly sold albino frogs. While they might seem like an entirely different animal, in reality, the care required for albino frogs is not much different from the care required for any other pet frog. They just need a large tank of water, a proper diet, and space to grow.


Albino frogs lack pigmentation.

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Where to keep albino frogs

Your albino frogs should be given a tank that has at least 10 gallons of water per frog. Make sure the lid is secure so they can't get out. Cover the bottom of the aquarium with rocks (make sure that the rocks are too large for the frogs to swallow) and add aquarium decorations if desired to give the frogs a place to hide. Make sure the tank is large enough for the frogs to grow and reproduce.


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Maintain the frog tank by checking the filter and water temperature every day. You will also want to test the water quality once a week using a water test kit. Every few weeks, change the majority of the water in the tank.

African clawed frogs and African dwarf frogs are very similar. Both of these types of frogs are completely aquatic and do not need land. African dwarf frogs can hold their breath for up to 15 minutes under water but then must take a breath at the surface before going back down.


African clawed frogs are aquatic animals and do not need land.
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What to feed aquatic pet frogs

African dwarf frogs can eat a variety of commercially prepared foods. Choose from brine shrimp, shrimp pellets, waxworms, tubifex worms, bloodworms, mealworms, and insects as well as feeder guppies and small minnows. You can purchase these items at your local pet store. If these foods are too expensive, stick with frog pellets for everyday use.


When you feed your frogs, remove any uneaten food after 15 minutes so they do not overeat. Feed your albino frogs once a day. If you are feeding them frozen food, thaw it out and rinse it in fresh water before feeding it to the frogs.

How to keep albino frogs healthy

Keep an eye on your aquatic pet frogs to make sure they are healthy. Healthy frogs should be active and swimming around in the tank. They should also be a healthy weight and not obese or emaciated. Make sure that your frogs do not have any fuzzy or white patches on the skin that might be fungal growth or discoloration.


If your albino frogs do seem to be sick, ask your local veterinarian if he treats frogs. Some regular vets do, but others do not. In that case, search online to see if there is an exotic animal vet near you who is better equipped to take care of a sick frog.

You might need to locate an exotic animal vet if your frog gets sick.
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In captivity, African clawed frogs can live for 10 to 15 years, giving you plenty of time to enjoy your pet water frogs. Make sure you are able to take on this commitment before purchasing an albino frog.



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