Why Does My Cat Lay on Me?

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"My owner is a lot cozier than my actual bed."
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When you're crazy about your cat, you often find yourself analyzing her every adorable feline action. If your furry buddy has a penchant for employing your body as a human couch and you wonder why your cat lays on you, don't get too offended or concerned. She's probably doing it because she loves your company, pure and simple.



You might notice your cat lying on your more when you're in a bathrobe or sweater. Take this into consideration when you're planning on spending a night on the couch watching TV with your pet.

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You're a cozy spot

Cats are sweet, but they're also smart and savvy creatures. If your cat loves nothing more than being sprawled out on top of you, it's possibly because you feel cozy and more importantly, warm. Remember, cats love to sleep, especially as they get older and their metabolisms slow down from kitten-speed.


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Your cat adores you

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Some people erroneously think of all cats as being distant and detached creatures. Cat lovers, however, know this not to be reality. If your cat thinks that you're her bed, it could just mean that she loves being near you all of the time. You can see the proof in many other ways.


If you live in a three-bedroom condo and your cat is usually in the same room you're presently occupying, she most likely simply adores you. This behavior is a common sign of bonding with you.

Your cat trusts you

By feeling free enough to lounge on top of you, your cat also is expressing pure trust in you. Cats can be extremely anxious and jumpy creatures when they're not at ease, so by sleeping on you, your cat is showing you that she knows you're not going to do anything to harm her. She feels 100 percent relaxed when she's that close to you.


The cat also regards you as a security blanket and knows you will protect her, increasing her desire to remain in physical contact with you in order to relax. Take that as the most genuine compliment in the animal kingdom.

It's a display of power

Your cat reclining on you can also indicate a display of power. If your cat wants to make it known to you — and to the rest of the household — that she's got a lot of sway around these parts, she might just be inclined to show it physically. If the rest of your cats walk by and notice your kitty on you, they'll probably get the message. Don't take the power display the wrong way, however. Your pet wouldn't want to possess you if she didn't adore you first, after all.


Other signs of love

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As your cat is using your body as rental space, be attentive to any other signs that might point to a happy feline. If you hear the familiar rumble of purring, your cat's probably on cloud nine. Her eyes might even look partially open and partially closed. If she pushes her paws into your body, she's "kneading" and therefore likely in a serene and giddy mood. Blinking and yawning also both usually signify a pleased kitty cat.