Cat Pregnancy and the Length of Gestation

If a female cat has not been spayed and is permitted to be outside while she is in heat, she may become pregnant. Pregnancy can occur when they reach the age of four to 10 months, according to Cat Health.



According to Cat Health, signs of pregnancy include larger and pinker nipples, an increased appetite and the cat showing more affection. Later in the pregnancy, she will begin "nesting," to find a comfortable, secluded and safe place to have her babies.


The gestation period for a cat is 60 to 67 days (nine weeks). Her stomach will begin to swell by around the fourth week of pregnancy.


According to the Cat Pregnancy Report, it is important for the cat to have the proper diet. A pregnant cat needs more calories, with more calcium and protein. Kitten food can be mixed with your cat's regular food to meet these needs.


The cat's nipples will begin to produce milk a couple of days before giving birth, according to Cat Health. In addition, she will have a decreased appetite and lower temperature. She may be restless and there may be some discharge from her vagina before labor begins.


According to the cat pregnancy report, cat owners should contact their veterinarian if the cat is in labor with strong contractions for more than two hours without giving birth.