Why Does My Cat Put Her Paws on My Face?

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If your feline friend is putting her little paws on your face, it's likely because she's trying to communicate with you.
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If your feline friend is putting her little paws on your face, it's likely because she's trying to communicate with you. Whether it's to remind you just how much she loves you or to lead you over to her empty food bowl at dinnertime may depend on the context of the situation. Cats communicate with their paws and your furry friend is likely trying to tell you something or get your attention with her tender touch.


To show you cat love

Just like people, cats use physical touch to show affection to other cats and people. If you're cuddled with your kitty on the couch and he reaches out to touch your face, it could be a sign of cat love, especially if your cat is purring loudly at the time.


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Cats who sit close to you, touch you, and slowly blink their eyes at you are showing you how much they love you, according to cat behavior expert Pam Johnson-Bennett. So, if your feline friend reaches out to gently pat your face, it's likely a sign of cat love.

To get you up

If you have your peaceful sleep interrupted in the morning by the feel of tiny toes on your cheek, then your cat might just be trying to get you up, according to Hill's Pet Nutrition. Most likely, your feline friend wants to be fed.


To stop an "alarm clock kitty" from interrupting your sleep, ensure your cat has enough food in her dish prior to bedtime. This way, she can eat as she likes throughout the night and won't want to wake you to get her meal in the morning.

You can also try using an automatic timed feeder. To use these types of feeders, you fill up a compartment within the device with dry food at night that is opened by a timer in the morning.


To play with you

Should your cat reach out to touch you and then run off, he might just want to engage you in a game. This is especially true if your cat is bored and doesn't have any toys to play with, says Pet Place.


Invest in some fun cat toys stuffed with catnip that give off a tempting aroma cats can't resist. Toss them around your home and have your cat chase them. You can also use a laser pointer to engage your cat's attention or use cat toys hanging from a string to give your kitty something fun to chase.


To snuggle up to you

Cats like to sleep next to their owners because they feel most secure when they're around you. Not only is this a sign of cat love, but if your cat's sleeping habits include touching your face, it's a sign that she trusts you. After all, cats are the most vulnerable when they are asleep.


If one of your cat's sleeping positions includes stretching out her paws while she sleeps and touching you on the face in the process, this is a definite sign that she trusts you and wants to snuggle up to you.

Kitties also have scent glands in the bottoms of their feet that they use to claim their territory. If your cat kneads on you or touches your face with her paws while snuggling up to you, she may be putting her scent on you to show you how much she adores you, according to Animal Planet.



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