Claw Shedding in Cats

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Encourage your cat to scratch so nail sheaths can easily shed.
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Cat guardians will find a stray claw now and then on the carpet or any other area their kitty might have been. Claw shedding is natural. As your cat's nail outgrows its blood supply, the outer layer of the claw, called the sheath, falls off. Your cat's desire to scratch helps her to get rid of this outer layer. Regular nail trims help cats to maintain a healthy nail length.

Maintaining Cat Nail Health

Scratching is a positive activity for your cat as it encourages the shedding of the nail sheaths. Scratching posts designated for this purpose can help steer your cat away from other scratching less desirable things like furniture. Regular nail trims, about once every three weeks, can aid in nail maintenance. Trims are particularly important for elderly or less active cats whose nails don't get filed down through play or scratching. Overgrown nails can become embedded in the pads and cause pain and infection.