How to Clean Cat Pee Out of the Carpet

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Cats are remarkably particular about where they pee, and a litter box is usually suitable provided it's cleaned often and it's the right size. Most cats quickly learn not to soil their living quarters, including your carpet. Even kittens usually don't require much training once they've been shown the litter box. However, there are rare times when you might need to know how to get cat urine out of a carpet, or more specifically, how to get cat urine smell out of a carpet.


Unexplained incontinence is reason for a vet visit.
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Blotting wet stains, using nonsteam carpet cleaners, and even sprinkling baking soda will solve the problem if it's not chronic. However, an aging cat is one reason you might need to purchase a cat urine carpet cleaner since accidents could be frequent. Note that if a young cat is peeing outside the litter box, there might be a medical reason. Unexplained incontinence is reason for a vet visit.

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Reasons cats pee on a carpet

Cats sometimes pee or spray to mark their territory. This is usually done on vertical surfaces, but if your cat is urinating on the carpet or floor — a behavior called "feline inappropriate elimination" — this is likely a result of a medical condition.


Urinary tract infections, bladder inflammation, crystal formation or kidney stones, and kidney disease can cause a cat to change his bathroom habits. The cat associates the litter box with the pain caused by the condition, so he avoids it. Clearly, immediate veterinary intervention is required.


How to get cat urine out of a carpet

If your cat accidentally pees outside the litter box, if she's protesting that the litter box is too dirty, or if you've accidentally shut the door and cut off access, a simple blotting technique is the easiest cleanup method. Layer paper towels over the wet stain and add a few layers of newspaper to reduce your paper towel usage. Then, press firmly on the stain, even standing on it if needed. Repeat this a few times using new paper towels until the liquid is completely lifted from the carpet.


Elderly cats, especially those with diagnosed geriatric kidney disease, might often pee accidentally. In this case, buying your own carpet cleaner is a good idea. Many manufacturers sell compact versions of the professional wet and dry vacuum cleaner. These cleaners apply a mixture of water and cleaning solution to the carpet in one step and then suck it out of the carpet during step two. These machines are not steam cleaners, which can inadvertently set the stain into the carpet.


How to get cat urine smell out of a carpet

Pet urine smell from either cats or dogs can linger in the carpet even after a thorough cleaning. Clearly, this is undesirable for many reasons, including the fact that your pet might associate the smell with a new bathroom spot. Baking soda is the first option. Sprinkle baking soda over the affected area, leave it to sit for 24 hours, and then vacuum it. This might also help to pull out any remaining liquid.


Enzymatic cleaners are another option. Available at most pet stores, these specially formulated products break down odor at a molecular level. These sprays remove the source of the smell rather than simply masking it, which is what most air fresheners do.

Professional cat urine carpet cleaner

If the stain is set — it has dried, and you can still see it on the carpet — you might need to call in the professionals. Granted, there are no cat urine carpet cleaner pros per se, but you can hire services to deep clean your entire carpet if budget permits. Otherwise, renting a wet/dry vac carpet cleaner is the best way to remove cat urine and smell from your rug.



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