How to Clean Mucus on a Dog

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Things You'll Need

  • Soft cloth

  • Infant nasal aspirator

  • Humidifier


You can usually remove clear mucus from your dog's eye area and nose at home. If the mucus is yellowish or greenish, take your dog for a veterinary examination. Likewise, mucus that contains blood warrants a trip to a veterinarian.

In most cases, clear eye mucus is normal for dogs. Excessive or progressively increasing amounts of eye mucus may indicate the presence of an infection, however. In such a case, a dog may need a veterinarian's evaluation.

Maintaining your dog's eyes and nose helps keep him healthy.

You may notice a small amount of mucus in the corners of your dog's eyes when he wakes up as well as occasional mucus buildup in its nose. In most cases, this is normal and no cause for alarm. However, mucus may also appear as a sign that your dog has an illness or allergy. Clearing this mucus from your dog's eyes and nose is an important part of helping him stay comfortable and healthy.

Step 1

Moisten a soft cloth with warm water and use it to wipe your dog's nose gently. Use a different dampened cloth to wipe mucus from around the dog's eyes.

Step 2

Allow your dog to wait in the bathroom while you take a warm shower. The steam helps clear the nose of mucus, which may translate into less wiping for you. Keep the door closed while you shower to help contain the steam.

Step 3

Massage the top of your dog's nose to help relieve irritation and congestion.

Step 4

Remove excess mucus from your dog's nose using an infant nasal aspirator. Insert just the tip of it into your dog's nostrils and use gentle suction to clear the mucus.

Step 5

Use a humidifier in the room where your dog sleeps. This may loosen mucus in his nose, so you can easily wipe it away. For safety, choose a cool-mist vaporizer instead of one that creates hot steam.

Step 6

Apply a warm, damp cloth to areas of crusted-on mucus and moisten the mucus rather than initially attempting to wipe it away. By moistening this dried mucus, you make it easier to clear. After moistening it, wipe the mucus away gently.

Step 7

Ask a veterinarian for drops you can use to clear persistent mucus inside your dog's eyes. Eye drops may help to relieve irritation and clear up any infections causing the mucus to build up in the eyes.