Cleaning Instructions for a Kong Chew-Resistant Dog Bed

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Things You'll Need

  • Hot water

  • Mild detergent soap

  • Cedar chips


Replace the cedar chips in the bed when you notice the smell becoming less potent. This is natural after use and regular washings. Cedar chips should be available at the store you purchased the bed from, or online.

A clean bed helps keep your dog healthy.

Kong is a manufacturer of dog and cat toys, specializing in nearly indestructible chew toys made from rubber and nylon. The Kong dog bed is made with a nylon covering and proves to be more chew resistant than most commercial dog beds. Cleaning is easy, as the cover to the dog bed where your dog sleeps can be removed by the zipper. Cleaning the bed regularly will keep it smelling nice and kill any fleas, ticks or lice that could irritate your dog or make her sick.


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Step 1

Remove the nylon cover from the bed. Take the cover outside and shake it firmly to remove hair, dirt and debris buildup.

Step 2

Select the appropriate settings on your washing machine. Use hot water and a mild soap to kill odors and insect eggs. Set for a gentle wash. The most important aspect of washing this bed is to let the nylon cover sit in the hot water. A fast wash cycle may displace the cedar chips inside the cover, which fend off insects with their potent smell.

Step 3

Hang the cover let it air dry.

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