Common Traits of Yorkies

Yorkshire terriers are tiny dogs with tons of personality. They are full of spunk that makes them hard for any dog lover to ignore. But you will find that each individual Yorkie is unique. You may find that few Yorkies are shy; most are the first to great guests -- whether they treat them as guests or not. In general, Yorkies are independent, intelligent, determined and affectionate dogs.

Portrait of dog
The Yorkie has a precious appearance and a mischievous streak.
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Independent and Courageous

For small dog, Yorkies have big independent streaks. They'll make up their own rules if you don't stay on them with basic obedience. To some degree, their independence and courage go hand-in-hand. For small dogs, Yorkies can be quite feisty, especially when it's over something they want, whether that be a toy, treat or your favorite slipper. While exploring the yard, some Yorkies will have no problem chasing after squirrels and other animals in the yard.


Yorkies are alert and curious. They are quick to figure out how to get what they want. They have natural smarts and tend to catch onto training easily, but you have to find a way to train them to make them think they want to learn. Even though the breed tends to catch on quickly to basic obedience and tricks, they have a stubborn tendency, which is why you have to find the best motivation tactic for your individual dog. Generally, Yorkies are treat-motivated, so if you can find a tasty snack, you may get the best results with training.


Their small bodies are packed with determination. They do what they want to do and when they want to. If you want your Yorkie to do something, you have to make it interesting. If you leave the kitchen trashcan open, expect a Yorkie to figure out how to get the rib bones out at all costs necessary, even if it means you have to clean the trash off your kitchen floor later.


Yorkies are one-person dogs. When they find their person, they'll stick with that person and protect that person. Yorkies can be quite affectionate; they will be perfectly content curling up in their person's lap or on a nearby cushion. That doesn't mean that they won't be affectionate to others, it just means they tend to connect better with one person over anyone else in the household.