How to Convert Your Purse to a Dog Carrier

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Clean the carrier out often, especially in the event of an "accident." Choose a material to cover the plastic canvas that matches the outer purse material. A purse with short straps will work best by keeping the dog close to the body. Check the carrier for rips or tears often, as weakened fabric could cause injury to the dog inside.

A purse carrier is ideal for small breeds of dog.
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For every 10 pet owners, 9 consider the animal to be a family member. One way to ensure that a dog stays close by is to create a dog carrier from an old purse. This type of carrier is ideal for smaller breeds and puppies, and helps pets and their owners form lasting bonds.


Step 1

Choose a purse that will comfortably accommodate the dog. One with multiple pockets on the outside is a good choice, because then you can carry items like your keys, wallet and dog supplies without hassle. A bag with one large central pocket will work best and give the dog a comfortable place to sit.


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Step 2

Empty the purse out completely. Coat the inside of the purse with the waterproofing solution. Repeat with the outside and straps if the purse is made of fabric. This will protect from any fluids or staining while the dog is in the purse-turned-carrier, and make cleanup much simpler. Let this dry completely before moving on.


Step 3

Place the purse on top of the plastic canvas, and trace around the outline of the bottom with a marker. Cut this piece out, and insert to ensure that it fits. Trim if necessary, and then measure and cut a piece of quilted fabric to fit over this plastic. Turn the fabric inside out, and sew three sides shut. Turn the fabric right side out, insert the plastic, and sew the final side. Waterproof and let dry before replacing.


Step 4

Remove the zipper tab if desired. As not all purses zip shut, this may not be possible. Removing the small tab will keep the dog from chewing on it or having her fur zipped up by accident. Another option is to leave the zipper closure intact so that the bag can be partially shut to keep the dog from jumping or falling out.

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