How to Get Corgis to Stop Barking

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With long backs, short legs and an abundance of personality, corgis are a popular breed in the dog world. But one trait you may not know about that this breed is that they are prone to excessive barking. Corgis have a tendency to bark at every new sight and sound they encounter due to their watchdog instincts as herding dogs. This can be troubling if you are gone for long hours of the day and have neighbors who do not appreciate the constant corgi barking. Therefore, you must train your corgi to curb her barking. Fortunately, there are a few ways in which to do so.


Corgi barking reasons

Wondering, "at what age do corgis calm down?" The answer is that they don't. Corgis bark for a variety of reasons due to their guarding instincts. The Cardigan Welsh Cori and Pembroke Welsh Corgi were originally bred as herding dogs to look after and guard livestock. That's why they bark when they see strangers outside or hear someone ring your doorbell. It's important to determine what is causing your corgi's barking to help stop it.


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For dogs who bark at strangers out the window, close your curtains so that the dog can't see outside anymore. Place your dog's crate away from the front of your home where street sounds may set off his barking. When outside playing in your yard, if your dog starts barking at strangers, immediately take him back inside. This puts a stop to the fun play so your dog will be less likely to continue barking.


Keep your corgi exercised

Exercise your corgi daily because dogs that don't bark a lot get plenty of exercise to keep them calm. While exercising doesn't directly train your corgi to stop barking, it does wear off any excess energy your pooch may have. An abundance of energy running through a dog that isn't let out often results in frustration, which can lead to nuisance barking.


Corgis are extremely active dogs. Therefore, walk, run, or swim with your corgi daily to burn off the energy. Canine agility training is a great activity for corgis too. Remember, an exercised corgi will be too tired to bark every time she sees or hears something new.

Training to reduce corgi barking

Ignore your corgi when it barks at an action you are displaying. Corgis love to be involved in all aspects of their owners lives, including barking sometimes at what they're doing, whether it's vacuuming, exercising, or washing dishes. This is often your dog's way of becoming a part of your activity. If you ignore your corgi, you are showing her that barking means she is left out. Once your corgi stops barking, even if it's just for a few moments, give your dog a treat as a reward. Doing this shows your corgi that silence is rewarded, while barking is not.


Teaching the "quiet" command

The "quiet" command lets you silence your dog when his barking is unwarranted. With your corgi on a leash so he can't run to the door, trigger your dog to bark by having a friend ring your doorbell. Wait for your dog to stop barking, even momentarily. Say "quiet," then place a treat in front of his nose. The dog will not bark as he sniffs the treat.


During this time of silence, say "good dog." After three seconds of silence, give your corgi the treat. The next time you try this method, lengthen the silence period by five seconds and continue to lengthen the amount of time before you give the treat in every training session. Eventually, take the treat away. Once this step is achieved, your corgi will likely stop barking at everything when you give the command.



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