How to Create Ink Prints of My Dog's Paw

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Try this when your dog is tired (or even sleeping); it may be more cooperative. Have another person help you hold the dog steady while making the ink print. Tape the paper down to prevent sliding if you feel your dog may not cooperate.

Create a print of your dog's paw to save as a special memory.

Ink prints of your dog's paw can be framed and hung on the wall, saved in a scrapbook or used on greeting cards. Some people may want to take imprints of their dog's paw more than once -- first when the dog is a puppy, and then later as it grows. These ink paw prints make a special keepsake of your family pet.


Step 1

Set up your work area. Lay a piece of white paper on a flat, smooth surface such as a linoleum or hardwood floor. Have your ink pad open and ready to use.

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Step 2

Clean your dog's paw with a damp cloth to remove dirt and debris, and then pat it dry.


Step 3

Trim any hair that covers the pads on your dog's paw with small scissors.

Step 4

Hold your dog's paw, and gently press it onto the ink pad, rolling the paw from left to right so that the entire pad is covered in an even layer of ink.


Step 5

Position the paw over the white paper and gently press the paw onto the paper, rolling it from left to right to create a print of the entire paw.

Step 6

Lift the paw off the paper, being careful not to smear the ink.


Step 7

Put the paper somewhere safe to dry.

Step 8

Wipe your dog's paw clean of any excess ink with the damp cloth.

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