How to Cure Feline Scabies at Home

Things You'll Need

  • Cat shampoo

  • Lime-sulphur dip

  • Towel

  • Scissors


Feline scabies is highly contagious to other pets in your home. Shampoo them, too. You may have to sedate your cat while he's being bathed and treated to keep him from thrashing around or running away. Your cat may become ill from severe treatments.


Take your cat to the veterinarian for treatment if shampooing doesn't work. He will use injections or dips not available over-the-counter.

Cure Feline Scabies at Home

Feline scabies, or mange, is caused by mites. Your cat will be itchy and irritable, shake its head a lot and lose its fur. You'll notice crusty areas around the cat's ear, neck and head. If not treated right away, the infection can spread to the whole body. Follow these steps to treat your cat at home if you choose not to take it to the vet.

Step 1

Use care when cutting your cat's hair

Cut the cat's fur if it's long to keep it from getting matted and to see the infected areas easier.

Step 2

Bathe your cat in a gentle shampoo together with a lime-sulfur dip such as Dermisil, which can be bought at a pet store or online at Use an antiseptic shampoo if your cat won't object to the odor as that'll kill the mites more effectively. You may have to repeat the treatment every seven days for six to eight weeks.

Step 3

Fumigate your home to rid it of mites that may be lurking where your cats sleep.

Step 4

Isolate your infected cat from other pets and humans while he's being treated for feline scabies.

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