What Are the Dangers of Long Nails in Dogs?

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Don't forget to trim the nails!

You may like to keep your dog's claws nicely trimmed so that your pet has a tidy appearance. But did you know you are also helping your dog stay healthy when you trim its nails? Allowing those nails to grow too long can cause several issues for your beloved pooch.


According to The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), long nails can be uncomfortable, and even painful, for a dog. Long nails can dig into the soft tissue of the paw and cause discomfort while walking, standing or running.


Long nails are more prone to split and break, according to the ASPCA. Splitting up to the quick (where the blood vessels of the nail are located) can be extremely painful for your dog.


Unintended Removal

A long nail can catch on carpeting, furniture or plants and cause the entire claw to rip out of the paw, according to the ASPCA. This can be painful and may result in surgery for your dog.


Long nails on a dog are more prone to infection. According to the ASPCA, this is because long nails are more likely to have infectious materials lodge inside of them and come in contact with the blood vessels at the base of the nail.



According to the European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies (ESAVS), long claws or nails can cause the nail and even the bone structure of the leg to become deformed.


Regular trimming of a dog's nails, either by you, a veterinarian, or a dog groomer, will prevent nails from becoming too long and troublesome for your dog.